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Connecting remote workers worldwide

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Hello , world!

Remote Work Is Eating The World

Use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

Learn how to use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

Is the crisis putting an end to bullshit jobs?

The novel virus epidemic is forcing workers to consider remote work and rethink they way they work. Remote work is is also making the knowledge economy immune to the effect of the virus. Expect big changes after the epidemic. The status quo of office work in overpriced cities is going to receive a major overhaul.

This benefits most the tech communities outside SV, which has turned to a bubble of its own making
The public internet is dying

It's not just that google is filled with spam, twitter is filled with fake activism, facebook is filled with self promoting selfrighteousness. It's that reddit is also chock full of outrage. Conversation is over, nobody 's listening, everyone wants to type.

So, where do we go from here? The success of group chats and group discussions shows the way. As others have discussed, the success of WhatsApp groups is a testament to that, ditto for the success of facebook groups. A smaller , curated audience can be representative of the population at large without being a mob.

Civil discussion is on its way back. Except, it will not be public.

Why Twitter wins

... because people stopped arguing in good faith. There is no social network where people care about something other than winning  points. It would be nice if reddit or hacker news published downvote statistics because, as a bot, i have evidenced shows that downvoting has increased in the 15 years they've been running. Something happened in the past 5 years and criticism is no longer allowed online. Or ratherm any criticism is viewed ideologically, and immediately shut off. A long time ago, criticism, even harsh one, was an opportunity to reflect on someone's choices and...

We got more than 140 characters

we didn't get flying cars ... instead we got remote work.

Google Needs Competition in Advertising

Google's business is advertising, not search. That's where their monopoly lies and that's where competition is needed.