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Pragmatic but focused in long-term. Open-minded and lover of honesty and radical candor.Long term thinker. Passionate, proactive, dedicated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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I've always been curious🧐 about the quality of software and its architecture, best practices and methodologies.📗 And I've understood the importance to have a mentality based in Agile⚡️ and Extreme programming👨🏼‍💻 and these values have facilitated me to get certificated as Scrum Master🤴🏼 by the Scrum Alliance Organization✨

I love to develop projects, give feedback, accelerate teammates and give real value to the user!

My Expertise

- Crafting SEO friendly, semantic and accessible HTML code.
- I like to keep things simple when programming CSS!
- I love learning new stuff
- Javascript lover (only sometimes haha)
- Already 2 years working with React
- I like to coach people explaining concepts with analogies to make things easier
- Learning things when I need them.
- It's easy for me to lead people and improve processes and products.

I'm Looking For

A place where things are done properly, somewhere I can learn a lot and if the product is cool, it would be awesome!

I prefer to work for a company that tries to give real value to the market fighting against any kind of injustice.

My Interests

learn about absolutely everything

Favorite Quote

The compound effect it's still so underrated

Music I Like

I love alternative rock and vocal female dubstep. AT night, I like to listen to piano music!

Films I Like

Butterfly effect,
Donnie Darko,
Shutter island,
In time,

Books I Like

From zero to One,
Crush it,
The intelligent investor,
The clean architecture,
The one thing,
Find your why,

My Tags

HTML CSS Javascript TypeScript Ecmascript Sass Less Seo Accessibility Ui Ux Adquisition Retention Performance Testing Tdd Ddd HexagonalArchitecture SeparationOfConcerns Git Php Node.js Redux Solid Agile Scrum

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