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About me: Design is not a goal - it’s an approach to action.


As an artist, I present unique perspectives by taking stereotypes and subverting them creatively. As a designer, I elicit purposeful reactions through experiential products. I approach art as a community rather than a self, and I approach design as a process rather than being oriented toward a goal.

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A game where you push robots into water by moving the earth! Push tiles by tapping an adjacent tile in your desired direction. When you do, your tile pushes every other solid (non-water) tile in front of you in that direction. You cannot, however, push toward a mountain tile. Whenever you move...
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A gravity-defying multiplayer racing game. Graviverse from Lionel Miele-Herndon on Vimeo. Complete three laps before anyone else to win the trophy! Compete against up to three other people in this fast-paced local multiplayer racer inspired by Mario Kart and B-mo Dreamo. The main mecha...
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Manipulate the visibility of objects to reach your goal.
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Onygox Onygox posted in INVISIBLE
Click on triangles to change their visibility. When a shape is invisible, you pass right through it! Reach the goal in each level to win. For MacOS, Windows, and Android, including 48 levels of goodness!
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Onygox Onygox posted in Graviverse
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