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Always building something new

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2009- Co-founder, Ignimedia EE



Create QR-code menus for your restaurant or business

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A social gaming community

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The social network for remote workers

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CoinZaa is a directory of cryptocurrencies, a tool for detecting price surges, a simulator for virtual crypto investing, a crypto wallet app and a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Create a blog post instantly , no signup required. You get a public short link to share your post and a secret link to edit it.

Featured in: thenextweb.com/apps/2011/10/...

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A directory of 3d worlds running the opensimulator world simulator. The website uses a network of in-world beacons to report in real time the number of active users on each region in the vast metaverse of opensim.

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PinPlz is a free bookmarking tool and bookmark organizer, that saves any link with a single click.

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Scientific social bookmarks and discussion app, with sub-boards for different disciplines and Q&A sections

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TextChannels was a thematic news aggregator like reddit, with extra features such as advanced channel tuning, crowd-moderation and multiple types of replies.

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E-sale is Free QR-code menus for businesses

Projectilo Relaunch
When: 12 months ago [22 Jun 2020 16:00 UTC]

Projectilo is now back, the place to showcase your projects

"reworkin" is now projectilo!

Events revamped: Events are posted to the frontpage, just like regular updates. If you "like" an event, you will get a notification when it is about to start.

New feature: Invite a friend to win 500 gold coins