We got more than 140 characters

we didn't get flying cars ... instead we got remote work.

We were promised flying cars. Alright, we didn't get those. We didn't get particularly faster cars either, not for the lack of trying (F1 cars exist), but for the lack of appropriate roads. Then we were promised at least self-driving cars. We didn't get those, not for the lack of trying but because it's a bloody hard problem to solve and humans are so unpredictable that it's better to let other humans handle them.

We got something though, we have remote work. It's a possibility nowadays more than it's ever been in the past 3 decades, and it's now becoming mainstream. We have the tech, we have the tools, there is substantial experience already, and we are now experiencing the turn of the tide.

As most of the world has switched to service sector jobs, it looks like we won't need those flying cars, because we won't need to commute much.

Instead we get to work from our home, their home, from nobody's home and so on. We 'll still mostly need a proper work environment setup, but that's easier to have in one's home than anywhere else.

Remote work is going to be the major societal shift in this decade. It remains to see how cities will align to it, and how life will be transformed. It's going to be an exciting decade.


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