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  • Egg Buddies
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    Eggbuddies is one of the oldest web games on facebook with thousands of active users for more than 10 years.

  • OpenSimWorld
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    A directory of 3d worlds running the opensimulator world simulator. The website uses a network of in-world beacons to report in real time the number of active u...

  • AirportCat
    2   0   39

    We offer crowdsourced tips and advice for airport travelers, including wifi spots, power plug information, transportation and lodging information.

  • CoinZaa
    1   0   41

    CoinZaa is a directory of cryptocurrency, a tool for detecting price surges, a simulator for virtual crypto investing, a crypto wallet app and a community of cr...

  • Instablogg.com
    1   0   29

    Create a blog post instantly , no signup required. You get a public short link to share your post and a secret link to edit it. Featured in: https://thenextw...

  • Projectilo
    1   0   30

    Projectilo is a directory of side projects, indie websites and other creative projects made by creative people working independently.

  • TextChannels.com
    1   0   29

    TextChannels was a thematic news aggregator like reddit, with extra features such as advanced channel tuning, crowd-moderation and multiple types of replies.

  • SciBoards.com
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    Scientific social bookmarks and discussion app, with sub-boards for different disciplines and Q&A sections