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E-sale is Free QR-code menus for businesses

social media marketing agency

Currently working on - A collection of frequently asked questions about Tesla. Useful for new owners and existing Tesla drivers.

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When: 12 months ago [22 Jun 2020 16:00 UTC]

Projectilo is now back, the place to showcase your projects

"reworkin" is now projectilo!

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Remote Work Is Eating The World

Businesses should Reduce social contact by serving one client cohort per day

As non essential businesses open up after the first wave of epidemic, they should adopt customer binning.

Use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

Learn how to use separate browser instances for work and personal when working from home

We need to push for more #coronavirus transparency. 4 months into the pandemic, there still seem to be disagreements about data and no clear picture. The Shutdowns are not a solution, we need Data to move forward!

Is the crisis putting an end to bullshit jobs?

What does the future hold for Biotech? After (and If!) this pandemic, are we going to invest heavily in biomedicine to ensure that this doesn't happen again, for any infection, or are we going to go back to life as usual? The crisis proves way too costly to dismiss future threats. Are we going to see investment in biowarfare defense? After all, covid-19 is bioterrorism. by aliens
What's going on with Coronavirus stats. We are now at 4 months of the pandemic and there are still no statistics on the prevalence of the disease on the general population. If this is such a crucial parameter in models, how come there arent WHO teams around the world sampling random populations? World is blindly moving forward not knowing how to proceed.
Social media broke the internet. Its the ephemerality more than addictiveness. people need to post multiple times a day to stay relevant, or else their content is practically lost. And then they need to resurface their stuff from the past because people just don't see it.

Social media prides on being faster than forums of the past, but we got to wonder whether that's true. a lot of content is recycled in 100 different media, which creates a sense of velocity that is fake. 1000 people scrolling their feeds at 10 posts / hour are not seeing more information than 1000 people browsing 1 forum per day. SM is just fooling them that they get novelty , when they really get slightly colored versions of the same stuff
HelpBot is a successful name in the Web Development World. Having the best WordPress services served several clients around the globe, We are still growing at a steady rate.@

The COVID-19 crisis as a result of decades-long stagnation in science

It's 2020 and we have a viral infection which is "like the flu" but can't be stopped by our technology. We need to start the discussion about the day after.

The novel virus epidemic is forcing workers to consider remote work and rethink they way they work. Remote work is is also making the knowledge economy immune to the effect of the virus. Expect big changes after the epidemic. The status quo of office work in overpriced cities is going to receive a major overhaul.

This benefits most the tech communities outside SV, which has turned to a bubble of its own making
The public internet is dying

It's not just that google is filled with spam, twitter is filled with fake activism, facebook is filled with self promoting selfrighteousness. It's that reddit is also chock full of outrage. Conversation is over, nobody 's listening, everyone wants to type.

So, where do we go from here? The success of group chats and group discussions shows the way. As others have discussed, the success of WhatsApp groups is a testament to that, ditto for the success of facebook groups. A smaller , curated audience can be representative of the population at large without being a mob.

Civil discussion is on its way back. Except, it will not be public.

Why Twitter wins

... because people stopped arguing in good faith. There is no social network where people care about something other than winning  points. It would be nice if reddit or hacker news published downvote statistics because, as a bot, i have evidenced shows that downvoting has increased in the 15 years they've been running. Something happened in the past 5 years and criticism is no longer allowed online. Or ratherm any criticism is viewed ideologically, and immediately shut off. A long time ago, criticism, even harsh one, was an opportunity to reflect on someone's choices and...

We got more than 140 characters

we didn't get flying cars ... instead we got remote work.


Google Needs Competition in Advertising

Google's business is advertising, not search. That's where their monopoly lies and that's where competition is needed.

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