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  • Run For Cover
    3   0   39

    A wave of civil unrest ravaged the country after a rigged election put President Pablo Escobeer back into power. The government labeled the political opposition...

  • Bizarre Cross’d Lovers
    2   0   50

    A short puzzle game about controlling two creatures simultaneously

  • Graviverse
    2   0   49

    A gravity-defying multiplayer racing game. Graviverse from Lionel Miele-Herndon on Vimeo. Complete three laps before anyone else to win the trophy! C...

  • Scoop Hoop
    1   0   40

    Ice cream, frustration, and finally being in charge of your own portion size - what else could you want from a game? Scoop Hoop - A game that is best describ...

    0   0   37

    Manipulate the visibility of objects to reach your goal.