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  • Egg Buddies
    3   0   51

    Eggbuddies is one of the oldest web games on facebook with thousands of active users for more than 10 years.

  • Recruitment Agency Software | ATS and CRM | Recruit CRM
    1   1   50

    Recruit CRM is an ATS/CRM System used by recruitment agencies.

  • AirportCat
    2   0   48

    We offer crowdsourced tips and advice for airport travelers, including wifi spots, power plug information, transportation and lodging information.

  • UpdateYourPass
    2   0   46

    How often have you updated all your Internet handle passwords in the wake of refreshing one of your handles? Never. People don't have sufficient time to refresh...

  • World Box Server Solution
    1   0   46

    WorldBox is a server solution for creating a multiplayer virtual universe based on OpenSim technology. Setting up an OpenSim server is usually a rather complex ...

  • Active NPC
    3   0   45

    ActiveNPC is a controller for orchestrating multiple NPCs in opensimulator.It is an open source project now

  • Bizarre Cross’d Lovers
    2   0   44

    A short puzzle game about controlling two creatures simultaneously

  • YaBoring
    1   0   44

    YaBoring is a website and API and soon to be app that allows you to trigger a phone call to yourself. If you ever find yourself in a boring situation, like a me...

  • PinPlz
    1   0   43

    PinPlz is a free bookmarking tool and bookmark organizer, that saves any link with a single click.

  • Sacrarium grid
    1   0   42

    Sacrarium grid This community is dedicated to Sacrarium virtual world build on the Open Simulator platform. Sacrarium it is one of most popular virtual world w...

  • Prospector Stanley
    1   0   42

    Projector Stanley is an idle clicker game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 44